The Way to take a photograph of your dog for personalizing a necklace

Here would be the GUIDING PRINCIPLEs on the best way to click your pet’s picture for custom-made necklace. The tips from our experts can help you to catch a dog photograph perfectly to your necklace. Take your dog photograph at eye level with your pet. It works best if the puppy is looking away from the camera. Try to make it a close up, so we are able to see your dog’s unique features. The best poses are when your dog is either sitting or standing rather than laying down. Outdoor natural daylight typically results in the best photographs. Try to steer clear of bad or dark lighting!

The most important to think about or alert is to refrain from uploading blurry photos. Adding photograph of your dog ought to be clear so that we can create accurately. Make sure no ears are out of the frame! Please note that we utilize the exact photo you upload on your order, during our making or production procedure. So ensure that the position is great with your favorite portrait template. Ensure that the fur color is right to real life and you are happy with the photo you upload.

If we receive a photograph that doesn’t follow our guide or description, we cannot guarantee that the Dog Necklace will come out exactly as you would like it to. We don’t offer replacements in these scenarios. So, take your time to have a proper and appropriate photo. Notice that all cases or series off on site were produced from top-quality images. It is your responsibility to make sure the image you provide meets our instructions. Even though it is unclear, we will try our best to earn a high speed finish, but your necklace will not match which are displayed on our website.

Even though we try to evaluate all the photos we get, sometimes our order number requires that we expand product production levels and consequently, this point can be skipped. That’s why you must upload a photograph in high quality.

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